Have you ever felt judged at the gym? Do you have the feeling that everyone is staring at you when you’re working out? Recently, a friend of mine talked about going to the gym and feeling judged. She was going to the gym with her husband and she isn’t familiar with the machines in the […]


Last weekend, Angela and I ventured up to Dallas for the Rock and Roll Dallas 5K and Half Marathon. I was excited because I really like the race as well as I got a chance to hang out with friends. We arrived Friday night and really didn’t do much. Saturday morning, we participated in the […]


Today’s video is a short update on my weight loss progress in my first week. I share what I’ve been doing on my journey to lose weight.


The question for today’s video is Why Wait? Just Start! I see a lot of people waiting (myself included) on that perfect time to start something. It could be a weight loss journey, a new goal, or even just taking a leap of faith. We all wait for that “perfect” moment to dive into something. […]


On Labor Day, I whipped out the camera to capture a little video of what I had planned for the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to do for the day and I’m still getting used to talking to the camera. I shot video anyway of random things that I did or even saw on […]


After a long discussion with Angela over the holiday weekend, I’ve realized that the blog in its’ current state is starting to suffer. I’ll post frequently one week and infrequently the next week. This erratic schedule is mostly coming from my lack of skills as a writer. The posts that you’ve seen on the blog […]


Something In The Way

by Willie on August 31, 2015

in Daily

Have you ever felt like this? You’re super excited to start something new. You put everything into it. You’re going strong with it. Then something happens then you just stop. It feels like something in the way. This is what I go through a lot. I get super excited about something then something gets in […]


Video Hits The Blog

by Willie on July 21, 2015

in Daily, Video

I’m excited to announce that videos will now be integrated into the blog. My plan is to create at least two videos a week to the blog. Video is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I was hesitant though. I thought I needed a fancy camera and the perfect lighting. I […]


I’m pretty bad about checking the mailbox. On Monday, I was surprised to get a package from ANI Brand Shoes. I reached out to ANI a few weeks ago because I was interested in trying their shoes. ANI stands for As Nature Intended. ANI Brand Shoes are vegan, eco-friendly and barefoot shoes. They are 100% […]

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