I wish I had your motivation. That’s what a friend’s mom said to me on social media recently. I had just posted a picture of how much weight I had lost that week. Just that statement that she posted got me thinking. You can’t have my motivation. It’s different than what your motivation is. I’m […]


Take Some Time Out For Yourself

by Willie on September 19, 2016

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Work. That’s what a lot of us do all day, every day. For some, work defines who they are. Work can be a good thing until it tips the scales. We can burn ourselves out putting in all that work. We don’t know how to shut down. It’s not healthy for the long term. So, […]


You can guess by the title that this is going to be super personal and brutally honest. This was written a week ago and I was hesitant to put it out. I decided to release it anyway to be open and honest. This may also help someone else going through the same struggles. February 2016 was a really […]


For those that don’t follow me on social media, yesterday was a celebration. It was my birthday. I’m officially old now. But, as you age, you get wiser. I definitely can see where that comes into play. This birthday was super low key. It was on a Wednesday so I wasn’t planning on doing much […]

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Under Pressure

by Willie on January 27, 2015

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The month of January, overall, has not been kind to me. January is usually pretty good for starting over and I guess this is my spiral into starting over. I’ve been super stressed the past few weeks. My day job has had a lot of changes in personnel so myself and another co-worker are taking […]