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I wish I had your motivation. That’s what a friend’s mom said to me on social media recently. I had just posted a picture of how much weight I had lost that week. Just that statement that she posted got me thinking. You can’t have my motivation. It’s different than what your motivation is. I’m […]


I can’t believe that it’s been six weeks since I recommitted myself to this weight loss journey once again. The time has flown by. Truly, I can say that this has been a very smooth transition into losing weight. No frustration. Zero hunger issues. In the first 5 weeks, I’ve lost just under 8 pounds. I […]


Shortly before I wrote my last post, I Am A Binge Eater, I weighed in for the first time in a long time. Stepping on the scale was something that I was trying to avoid. I didn’t want to know what my weight was. Honestly, I just didn’t want to feel like a complete failure. […]


Welcome to 2017! How was your holiday season? I hope you had an incredible time with family and friends. My holiday season ended with the birth of my daughter. Being a dad is such an amazing feeling. I never thought I would feel it. I’m extremely blessed to have her in my life. Mom is […]

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A Letter To My Readers

by Willie on October 31, 2016

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Dear reader, It’s been awhile since I’ve written on the blog. Sorry for the disappearing act. Lately, it’s been a struggle to find my voice on this outlet. I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing to say. Have you ever felt like that? My life is pretty routine most of the time. I wake up, workout, […]


I never thought that I would say that I’m running yet another marathon. I thought I was completely done with them. I will be running Chicago Marathon in October. But I won’t be running by myself. I’m running on behalf of charity. Action For Healthy Kids to be exact. Angela ran for them last year and […]


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Sometimes you just need a healthy useful break from the world.  Have you ever felt like you didn’t have much to say? You didn’t have much you wanted to do? That’s how I was feeling. Instead of writing mindless and uninteresting blog posts, I took a break to clear my […]


Last weekend, Angela and I ventured up to Dallas for the Rock and Roll Dallas 5K and Half Marathon. I was excited because I really like the race as well as I got a chance to hang out with friends. We arrived Friday night and really didn’t do much. Saturday morning, we participated in the […]


Back At Square One

by Willie on March 10, 2016

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We all have to start from somewhere. We all have a beginning of our journey. This is my new beginning for my new journey. I guess it’s fitting that I get to go through this weight loss journey again. This time I get to share it with everyone as I got through it. I missed […]


Today’s video is an update on weight loss, fitness and just creating videos. I talk about my current state, in regards to my weight and fitness. I also discuss the directions that I will be going in to reach my goals in the future. I also ask that you join me in this journey as […]