Can you eat healthy without breaking your bank account? Of course you can. How can you eat healthy? That’s going to take a little work but I know you can do. Saving money while eating healthy comes down to your choices. With grocery stores, you have an unlimited amount of those. So, what are the […]


I have to admit that I had no plan going into meal prep this week. Not even a semblance of one. I went off the cuff as I usually do. Most of the time, this works. Weeks like this week, meal prep was blah. Let me explain. So, Angela usually does lunches for the week. […]


Meal prep this week was a return to normal. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been out of town on the weekends. By the time we come home, we’re exhausted and really didn’t feel like cooking anything extravagant. This week, we completely went with elaborate meal prep. It was a long time in the […]


I have to admit that the extended Memorial Day weekend got me a little lazy with my cooking this past week. We went super simple with meal prep this week so the food we’re eating isn’t that exciting. As I thought about what to write for “Food Wednesday” (Yep, that’s what I’m calling these posts […]


Veggie Tales

by Willie on June 3, 2014

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Vegetables. For the longest time, I can remember avoiding vegetables like the plague. I was a picky eater from a very young age. The bane of most parent’s existence. “How do I get my kids to eat vegetables?” That question was something my parents struggled with for years. I avoided most, if not all vegetables. […]