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Go With The Flow

by Willie on August 12, 2015

in Cooking, Daily, Food, Food Fuel

On Sunday, I went to the grocery store, as usual, and to my surprise they were out of tofu. Most of you know that I went vegetarian for the month of June. Since then, I have just stuck with it because of the ease of it. Sunday. Grocery store. No tofu. Get it together, grocery […]


Recipe: Juicy Turkey Burgers

by Willie on November 17, 2014

in Cooking, Recipes

Burgers are usually the go to staple in our house. If you need to make a meal that can be used as just a burger or as a topping on your salad, burgers are the way to go. The problem with burgers that are made with ground turkey are that they tend to be dry. […]

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