If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you should know that I’ve been sick for a solid week. It really sucks. Being sick really can put a damper on your weight loss goals. You need to be at full energy to put in the effort to lose weight. Instead you’re helping your […]


Taking A Break Is A Good Thing

by Willie on October 27, 2015

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After being sick for over a week and being on vacation, I finally feel back on track for the first time in awhile. I just felt off balance. After coming back from vacation, it took me a whole week just to readjust to life again. I felt really sluggish. I felt tired. I just felt […]


I want to start off this blog post by apologizing for the slight absence. The majority of last week was spent being and feeling sick. While sick, I made the decision to skip the gym until I felt better. This decision made me think about why you shouldn’t go the gym when and/or if you’re […]