I’m sad guys! I have to say goodbye to one of my favorite magazines, Lucky Peach. On Saturday, April 29, 2017, Lucky Peach closed their operations down forever. Lucky Peach was a quarterly food magazine which was much more unique than most of the food magazines out on the newsstands. The magazine was chock full […]


It’s been awhile since I’ve put up a recipe in the blog, hasn’t it? This weekend, I was perusing Snapchat. *Shameless plug* (Yep, I’m on Snapchat. Follow me: Fueledxrunning) *Shameless plug end* As I was saying, I was on Snapchat and one of my snap friends made a garlic lime chicken off the top of […]


This weekend was pretty uneventful. Angela and I didn’t have much going on so we just kind of spent time in the house. She spent time cleaning up the kitchen and organizing a few rooms. I did some work on the lawn. I did do a little cooking this weekend. So, I wanted to share […]


Solo Sunday Meal Prep

by Willie on August 21, 2014

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Typically on Sundays, Angela and I prep our meals for the week. She usually does the lunches while I prep the dinners for the week. This past weekend, Angela was in Denver, CO running not one but two races so I had to take over Angela’s role for Sunday meal prep. I went to the […]


Last week, I completed my sixth week of America’s Test Kitchen’s Online Cooking School. I’ve noticed that my cooking has definitely improved by leaps and bounds. Angela has approved of several meals that I have made since starting this cooking school again. So, with week six, I’ve gone to the course essentially called, “How To […]

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Over the past weeks, I’ve been in a frenzy. I’ve been all over the place mentally. I’ve been cooking. Then, I’ve been running. Then, I’ve been researching strength training. I’m kind of like a hamster in an ever spinning wheel with no exit in sight. I try to do too much and then I put […]

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Back To School

by Willie on June 19, 2014

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Over the last few months, I’ve really gone back and forth on the decision to go to a culinary school or a culinary type school. Time and cost have really been the major factors in deciding if I wanted to take the leap. I looked into a few schools locally but the cost was incredibly […]