Losing weight is already a difficult journey. You spend so much time working out and eating the right foods for your weight loss goals. Then you start to feel hungry. Even though you just ate an hour ago. Have you ever felt this way? I have. Especially when I was completely new to how weight loss […]


Food labels are not a new thing. They’ve been on the sides and backs of our food for decades now. The real question is: how do you read a food label? It’s not hard but it can be confusing to know if you actually eat the serving size or eating way too much. Let’s start […]


Can you eat healthy without breaking your bank account? Of course you can. How can you eat healthy? That’s going to take a little work but I know you can do. Saving money while eating healthy comes down to your choices. With grocery stores, you have an unlimited amount of those. So, what are the […]


Snack Time

by Willie on August 19, 2015

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Since this week’s meals are somewhat similar to previous week’s meals, I wanted to share what my snacks have been recently. I typically eat the same snacks for weeks before I switch something out. I’m a creature of habit. I usually eat every 3-4 hours just to keep food in my system. I’ve done the […]


At the beginning of the month, Angela and I made the decision to switch to a vegetarian diet for a month. The reason for me was a simple one. I wanted to see how I felt after a month of not eating animal protein. So, we both researched what we could and could not eat. […]

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I have to admit that the extended Memorial Day weekend got me a little lazy with my cooking this past week. We went super simple with meal prep this week so the food we’re eating isn’t that exciting. As I thought about what to write for “Food Wednesday” (Yep, that’s what I’m calling these posts […]