Manifesto: a written statement that describes the policies, goals, and opinions of a person or group In 2011, I weighed 492 pounds and my wife Angela weighed 338 pounds. Less than two years later, we lost 500 pounds together. I started the blog, Fueled By Running, because I wanted to have a place on the […]


This post has been a long time in the making. I’ve debated if I should even write it because of the somewhat strange way that we went about losing 500 pounds back in 2012. This weight loss was a part of my story and I feel like it should be told. It may help someone […]

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It’s 13 days into the new year and guess what? I haven’t told you what my goals for 2016 are. During the last days of 2015, one of my friends asked me what my goals were for 2016. At the time of the question, I really had no clue what goals I wanted to tackle […]