At the beginning of the month, Angela and I made the decision to switch to a vegetarian diet for a month. The reason for me was a simple one. I wanted to see how I felt after a month of not eating animal protein. So, we both researched what we could and could not eat. […]

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This weekend, we went to Dallas to run the Rock and Roll Dallas 5K and Half Marathon. I was just going to run so I could fulfill my last BEEF race for Team Texas BEEF and just to have a fun weekend with friends. The 5K was fun. We ran the 5K through the parking […]


This weekend was pretty uneventful. Angela and I didn’t have much going on so we just kind of spent time in the house. She spent time cleaning up the kitchen and organizing a few rooms. I did some work on the lawn. I did do a little cooking this weekend. So, I wanted to share […]


We all love pizza right? It’s good stuff. The cheese, the toppings, the warm bread. But, we’re all trying to watch our waistlines and our wallets. So, we don’t want to just order a pizza from those national chains. We want to make our own. Angela and I love pizza. Fridays have been deemed pizza […]

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I have a couple of posts in the can but they’re not quite completed yet. So to tide you over until those posts are done, I’ll talk about what’s been up with me lately. Fueled By Marathon Training: I’ve almost completed my second week in marathon training. It’s going pretty well. Running in the afternoon is […]