Getting Organized

by Willie on August 10, 2015

in Daily, Goals, Organization

Last week, I discussed my lack of goals and my thought process on what I might want to do. After I wrote that post, I decided to slowly try to organize my thoughts and ideas. Previously, my thoughts and ideas were scattered. Everything I thought of was written on loose scraps of paper. Most of […]


Where He Went

by Willie on April 28, 2015

in Daily

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been absent from the blog for the last week or so. The truth is that there are two reasons why I haven’t posted. I haven’t been inspired to write and I’ve just been really busy. I feel like I do the same things every day and that’s not exciting to […]


We all love pizza right? It’s good stuff. The cheese, the toppings, the warm bread. But, we’re all trying to watch our waistlines and our wallets. So, we don’t want to just order a pizza from those national chains. We want to make our own. Angela and I love pizza. Fridays have been deemed pizza […]

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