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Last week, I completed my sixth week of America’s Test Kitchen’s Online Cooking School. I’ve noticed that my cooking has definitely improved by leaps and bounds. Angela has approved of several meals that I have made since starting this cooking school again. So, with week six, I’ve gone to the course essentially called, “How To […]

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Back To School

by Willie on June 19, 2014

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Over the last few months, I’ve really gone back and forth on the decision to go to a culinary school or a culinary type school. Time and cost have really been the major factors in deciding if I wanted to take the leap. I looked into a few schools locally but the cost was incredibly […]


What are the things that make me who I am? Why am I so interested in cooking now in my 30s? I’m a creative person. For the longest time, I’ve been that way. I can remember as a kid locking myself in my bedroom and reading books from sunrise to sunset. I would beg my […]


Salt To Taste

by Willie on January 13, 2014

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Have you ever read a recipe that says the phrase “Salt To Taste”. It is one of those phrases that tends to haunt a beginner cook. How much salt should be added when cooking? Should I use table salt, Kosher salt, or sea salt? Isn’t adding salt bad for you? Recently, I was listening to […]