Yesterday, we talked about weight loss and how it is a process. This journey will be a long one so buckle in and enjoy the ride. Today, we should talk about your mind. To get specific, let’s talk about your mindset and how to get it on the right path. Anything you do in life, […]


Taking A Break Is A Good Thing

by Willie on October 27, 2015

in Daily

After being sick for over a week and being on vacation, I finally feel back on track for the first time in awhile. I just felt off balance. After coming back from vacation, it took me a whole week just to readjust to life again. I felt really sluggish. I felt tired. I just felt […]


For the past month, I’ve been doing Crossfit and I have to say that I’m really enjoying the experience. I talked about my first week of Crossfit earlier this month. I will talk about my overall experience next week. The human body and mind are an amazing piece of engineering. We take for granted what […]