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I have to admit that I had no plan going into meal prep this week. Not even a semblance of one. I went off the cuff as I usually do. Most of the time, this works. Weeks like this week, meal prep was blah. Let me explain. So, Angela usually does lunches for the week. […]


Meal prep this week was a return to normal. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been out of town on the weekends. By the time we come home, we’re exhausted and really didn’t feel like cooking anything extravagant. This week, we completely went with elaborate meal prep. It was a long time in the […]


Over the course of the past two weeks, Angela and I have been out of town on the weekends. This past weekend, Angela was running a race and we wanted to just have a relaxing time. I didn’t take many pictures of the trip but I took a few food pictures. We went to a […]

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We’re into week 2 of eating vegetarian and I have to say it’s been a great experience so far. As I said last week, I wasn’t eating very much meat on a daily basis anyway. So, this hasn’t been a horrible experience for me. Angela has recovered from being sick most of last week. So, […]


Sundays are the day that we usually prepare meals for the entire week. Angela does one of the meals while I take care of the other meal. This weekend, Angela and our friend, Lauren, were in Kentucky running a marathon and a half marathon. So, I was cooking for two on my own. On Saturday, […]


After the weird week I had, the weekend was a welcomed event. I needed time to just unwind and get back to my full self. Angela was away running a marathon in Alabama so I was alone with just the pups.  This is what I did this weekend. Friday: I FINALLY finished Season 2 of […]


Solo Sunday Meal Prep

by Willie on August 21, 2014

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Typically on Sundays, Angela and I prep our meals for the week. She usually does the lunches while I prep the dinners for the week. This past weekend, Angela was in Denver, CO running not one but two races so I had to take over Angela’s role for Sunday meal prep. I went to the […]


When I was a kid I can remember, on several occasions, my mom or my grandmothers in the kitchen cooking. I can remember them just going into the refrigerator and just seeing what they had and making something all off the top of their heads. No recipes needed. If I had the chance to go […]