Last week, the December 2015 issue of Runner’s World was released. In the issue, there was a one page article about myself and Angela’s weight loss story. In today’s video, we talk about our thoughts on the Runner’s World article. If you want to know more about why and how the Runner’s World article came […]


Angela and I are in the December 2015 issue of Runner’s World Magazine! In September, we found out that we would have a story in a future issue of the magazine. It was something that I was excited about. I was more excited for the opportunity for Angela. One of her dreams was to be […]


I have a couple of posts in the can but they’re not quite completed yet. So to tide you over until those posts are done, I’ll talk about what’s been up with me lately. Fueled By Marathon Training: I’ve almost completed my second week in marathon training. It’s going pretty well. Running in the afternoon is […]