Happy Friday everyone! I’m extremely happy for the weekend ahead. It’s my wife’s first Mother’s Day and I hope that she will have a great day on Sunday. Right now as of Thursday, I’m sick with a sore throat so I’m hoping to kick this crud out of my system before the weekend actually begins. […]

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For those that don’t follow me on social media, yesterday was a celebration. It was my birthday. I’m officially old now. But, as you age, you get wiser. I definitely can see where that comes into play. This birthday was super low key. It was on a Wednesday so I wasn’t planning on doing much […]

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by Willie on June 10, 2014

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Food photography. We all do it. We sit in a new restaurant that we’ve never been to before. It’s a restaurant that we’ve waited for so long to finally go to or it’s a off the beaten path restaurant that no one had ever heard of. You’ve just made a food discovery. You’re one of […]