Yesterday, we talked about weight loss and how it is a process. This journey will be a long one so buckle in and enjoy the ride. Today, we should talk about your mind. To get specific, let’s talk about your mindset and how to get it on the right path. Anything you do in life, […]


Back in 2011, I had a goal to work towards. On January 6, 2011, I woke up and told Angela that I wanted to lose weight. I told her that I would track my food. I would go to the gym 5-6 times a week. That was it. That was my whole plan. I didn’t […]


Happy Friday everyone and Happy New Year! It’s a late edition of Five Things Friday but I’m getting one in this week! I hope your new year has been going in the right direction for you. It’s a new month and it’s been pretty busy here in the Gillis household. The new baby arrived in […]


Welcome to 2017! How was your holiday season? I hope you had an incredible time with family and friends. My holiday season ended with the birth of my daughter. Being a dad is such an amazing feeling. I never thought I would feel it. I’m extremely blessed to have her in my life. Mom is […]

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What’s Important To You?

by Willie on November 2, 2016

in Daily

It’s a simple question but can you answer it? Most people will have a hard time figuring it out. What’s important to you? I understand that your life can go from 0 to 60 in a second. Your priorities can change from moment to moment. Some things are higher on your list while others aren’t. […]


It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Sometimes you just need a healthy useful break from the world.  Have you ever felt like you didn’t have much to say? You didn’t have much you wanted to do? That’s how I was feeling. Instead of writing mindless and uninteresting blog posts, I took a break to clear my […]


You can guess by the title that this is going to be super personal and brutally honest. This was written a week ago and I was hesitant to put it out. I decided to release it anyway to be open and honest. This may also help someone else going through the same struggles. February 2016 was a really […]


It’s 13 days into the new year and guess what? I haven’t told you what my goals for 2016 are. During the last days of 2015, one of my friends asked me what my goals were for 2016. At the time of the question, I really had no clue what goals I wanted to tackle […]


The question for today’s video is Why Wait? Just Start! I see a lot of people waiting (myself included) on that perfect time to start something. It could be a weight loss journey, a new goal, or even just taking a leap of faith. We all wait for that “perfect” moment to dive into something. […]


Getting Organized

by Willie on August 10, 2015

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Last week, I discussed my lack of goals and my thought process on what I might want to do. After I wrote that post, I decided to slowly try to organize my thoughts and ideas. Previously, my thoughts and ideas were scattered. Everything I thought of was written on loose scraps of paper. Most of […]