Change Can Be Good For You

by Willie on September 12, 2016

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Change can be a positive or a negative. Yesterday was September 11th here in the United States. September 11th is a really devastating day for us Americans because of the horrible terrorist attacks that happened on that date. The events of 9/11 changed not only America but the world as a whole. It changed how […]


You need to go to the gym to get your workout in. The couch and Netflix sounds a lot more appealing instead. Losing weight is a goal but you’re scared that you can’t do it. You care what others will think. You’re just fearful of what could happen. There are two things that are holding […]


The question for today’s video is Why Wait? Just Start! I see a lot of people waiting (myself included) on that perfect time to start something. It could be a weight loss journey, a new goal, or even just taking a leap of faith. We all wait for that “perfect” moment to dive into something. […]



by Willie on July 15, 2014

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I don’t usually talk about current events on the site but this one hit me hard. Have you heard about the shooting in Texas recently. A family of 4 children and the two parents were murdered by a relative, an uncle whose wife had recently left him. The wife was staying with her sister in […]