June 8, 2017 – June 14, 2017 Another week down and time for a weight loss update! This week was a really great week. My stress level was low due to a lighter load at work. The previous week was what I dubbed as “hell week.” This week was the total opposite. So, how did […]


Two Begin Again weight loss updates in one week? As the title states, I’m changing things up just a little. Not just in my weight loss routine but the blog as well. I usually post these updates on Mondays but I think that too long. Now, I’ll be posting my updates on Fridays. That’s the […]


May 11, 2017 – May 17, 2017 This week was all about being sick, sick, sick.😷 I wish I was kidding but I was ungodly sick this entire week. It started right after my weigh in for the previous week. My throat started to get scratchy. I tried to be preventive about it and take […]


May 4, 2017 – May 10, 2017 This past week was a pretty good week. I really focused on getting my food, workouts and mindset right. I was on a mission to get under 300 lbs this week. Did I make it? Food: Even though I ate out a few times more than in a […]


April 13, 2017 – April 19, 2017 After last week’s disappointment from my weigh in, this week was completely different. A complete shift in my mindset. I spent the majority of my week making sure I got my food in on budget. I knew that lunch on Sunday, which was Easter, was going to be […]


Thursday March 30, 2017 – Wednesday April 5, 2017 I will admit that this week started off stressful. Without getting into specifics, it was a problem outside of the home. I was beyond stressed and I was really upset. I almost didn’t go to the gym because I just wanted to go home and spend […]

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Let’s get physical! Yes, today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite topic: exercise. I say that exercise is the special sauce for weight loss because it gives you an extra calorie burn during the day. Could you lose weight without exercise? Of course you could but I would recommend doing some form of exercise every day […]


Have you ever felt judged at the gym? Do you have the feeling that everyone is staring at you when you’re working out? Recently, a friend of mine talked about going to the gym and feeling judged. She was going to the gym with her husband and she isn’t familiar with the machines in the […]


I can’t believe that it’s been six weeks since I recommitted myself to this weight loss journey once again. The time has flown by. Truly, I can say that this has been a very smooth transition into losing weight. No frustration. Zero hunger issues. In the first 5 weeks, I’ve lost just under 8 pounds. I […]


Take Some Time Out For Yourself

by Willie on September 19, 2016

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Work. That’s what a lot of us do all day, every day. For some, work defines who they are. Work can be a good thing until it tips the scales. We can burn ourselves out putting in all that work. We don’t know how to shut down. It’s not healthy for the long term. So, […]