For the past month, I’ve been doing Crossfit and I have to say that I’m really enjoying the experience. I talked about my first week of Crossfit earlier this month. I will talk about my overall experience next week. The human body and mind are an amazing piece of engineering. We take for granted what […]


With 2014 rapidly reaching its end, it’s time to reflect on the year that was. If I could sum up 2014 with one word, that word would be surreal. 2014 was a great year. It was an adventurous year. Angela and I took many trips. We saw many parts of the United States and even […]

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Today is July 1st, 2014. We are now rapidly approaching the second half of 2014. What can I say about 2014 so far. It’s been a roller coaster. A lot of ups and downs. January started with a high. (Louisiana Marathon) It was my first time doing that race and I had a lot of […]


The Catalyst (Part 1)

by Willie on March 26, 2014

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Willie, You haven’t blogged in almost two months. In your head, you think you’ve failed. You think that you’ve given up but you haven’t. You haven’t failed. Failure only comes when you’ve completely given up. When the desire and passion fades, then you’ve truly thrown in the towel. Now, you haven’t necessary called it quits. […]


We’ve officially a week into the new year and everyone is deep into their New Years resolutions. The gym is packed with eager people who want to live a healthier life. Everyone is making a conscious effort to achieve their goals for this New Year. I, however, didn’t making any “resolutions” this year. I tend to not […]

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