This post is different than anything that I usually write but I felt it needed to be written. Thank you for reading. I’ve been thinking a lot about life lately. Or rather the end of life. It’s something that you’ve probably never really thought about. Truthfully, I’m sure all of us avoid even thinking about […]


This afternoon, I was talking to a work associate about his new fitness plan. He started working out a few weeks ago after I told him that he should just start a fitness plan. I told him don’t worry about everything related to getting healthy. Just start with his exercises. We were discussing obstacles. The […]


Happy Birthday Emmy

by Willie on December 10, 2015

in Daily, Excursions, Video

In today’s video, we take a trip up to Austin to celebrate our goddaughter’s fifth birthday. Her party was held at Pump It Up and she had a blast! I was happy to have gotten a little footage of the event. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to our goddaughter, Emmy!