These are the age old questions, “Do carbs make me fat?” and “Can I cut out carbs to lose weight?”. The short answer is no and yes. The longer answer is more important though. Do carbs make me fat? No, not really. Overeating of anything makes you fat. Portion control is important and too much […]


Food labels are not a new thing. They’ve been on the sides and backs of our food for decades now. The real question is: how do you read a food label? It’s not hard but it can be confusing to know if you actually eat the serving size or eating way too much. Let’s start […]


Go With The Flow

by Willie on August 12, 2015

in Cooking, Daily, Food, Food Fuel

On Sunday, I went to the grocery store, as usual, and to my surprise they were out of tofu. Most of you know that I went vegetarian for the month of June. Since then, I have just stuck with it because of the ease of it. Sunday. Grocery store. No tofu. Get it together, grocery […]


Raise The Bar

by Willie on December 29, 2014

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Typically during the holidays, I get super unproductive. I usually don’t want to do anything but sit around and just relax. I wanted to start my goals for 2015 in 2014 so I could be a week ahead of everyone else. Most people wait around until January 1st to do their resolutions but I wanted […]