Saturday was my 37th birthday. Yep, I’m, indeed, an old man. I go through every birthday and I don’t really take the time to reflect on the past year. I wanted to do that this year and every year moving forward. Just give perspective on what I’ve been doing and working towards something. I’m 37 […]


Happy Birthday Emmy

by Willie on December 10, 2015

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In today’s video, we take a trip up to Austin to celebrate our goddaughter’s fifth birthday. Her party was held at Pump It Up and she had a blast! I was happy to have gotten a little footage of the event. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to our goddaughter, Emmy!


For those that don’t follow me on social media, yesterday was a celebration. It was my birthday. I’m officially old now. But, as you age, you get wiser. I definitely can see where that comes into play. This birthday was super low key. It was on a Wednesday so I wasn’t planning on doing much […]

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This past weekend, Angela and I took a homecoming trip back to my hometown of Memphis. I have a love/hate relationship with the city because of all the past experiences that I still hold on to. It’s not the city itself that caused those experiences. It’s just that the city is a placeholder for those […]


The past week was an excellent week for me. I started the week off on Sunday by firing up the grill. I’ve never used a grill on my own before so I was excited to get outdoors and fire up the grill. Once I got the grill super hot, I put on some turkey/chicken burgers. […]


So, today is my birthday! it’s my 34th birthday to be exact. In the past, I haven’t been the most excited for birthdays. This year is seems…..different. Yes, I’m getting older and wiser. I think it’s something else. I feel happier than years past. I feel stronger and faster than I have ever felt before. […]