For the past couple of years, I’ve kept a standard weekday routine. I honestly was never a morning person ever. I used to sleep in later than I do now. I used to rush off to work and forget to do so many things that I needed to do. I’ve now transitioned into being a […]


Every month, I see everyone professing their personal goals for the month. I always plan to write down my goals and share them but I never get around to them. I want to really work on making that a task every month so I can have a clear path on what I need to focus […]


Over the past weeks, I’ve been in a frenzy. I’ve been all over the place mentally. I’ve been cooking. Then, I’ve been running. Then, I’ve been researching strength training. I’m kind of like a hamster in an ever spinning wheel with no exit in sight. I try to do too much and then I put […]

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