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Sunday Baking Bootcamp

by Willie on May 27, 2014

in Bread, Daily

On Sunday, I made myself a little busy. All day to be exact. Angela and I were planning a Mexican themed dinner party but I want to make some bread. About a week ago, I made a bread recipe from the Josey Baker Bread book. The bread turned out really well, so I wanted to […]


In part one of this blog post series, I discussed knives and my preferred knives to use. In part 2, we’re talking about the dreaded knife skills. so, most of you are probably reading this and thinking that you know how to hold a knife. All you have to do this is hold it like […]


I want to talk about knives. It’s the most important tool that I use in the kitchen. When I started to learn how to cook last July, knife skills were the first thing I learned how to do. You’re probably saying, “Knife skills? Just cut things like you normally would. You don’t need knife skills.” […]


I wrote the second part of “The Catalyst” on April 1st. April Fool’s Day is the one day I should have avoided writing that post. I pulled a joke on myself. I wrote that post in a rambling writing session. There was really no clear vision with that post. I just wanted to get that […]


What are the things that make me who I am? Why am I so interested in cooking now in my 30s? I’m a creative person. For the longest time, I’ve been that way. I can remember as a kid locking myself in my bedroom and reading books from sunrise to sunset. I would beg my […]


The Catalyst (Part 1)

by Willie on March 26, 2014

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Willie, You haven’t blogged in almost two months. In your head, you think you’ve failed. You think that you’ve given up but you haven’t. You haven’t failed. Failure only comes when you’ve completely given up. When the desire and passion fades, then you’ve truly thrown in the towel. Now, you haven’t necessary called it quits. […]


Welcome to Fueled By Running! This blog has been a long thought out process in the making. Just over three years ago, I weighed 492 pounds and my wife weighed 338 pounds. Through diet and exercise, we lost a combined 500 pounds over the course of two years. Fast forward to 2013, I started to […]