Can you eat healthy meals at restaurants? Eating out while keeping a good diet is hard. With so many choices, you can easily make a wrong food decision. Most dishes are 2 or more servings and you just don’t realize it. Dining at a restaurant doesn’t have to be difficult if you have a game […]


We’re back from our time in Baton Rouge. I have to say that this year was hands down my favorite visit to Baton Rouge yet. Usually, I get sick during the weekend but luckily I held that at bay for the first time in three years. This time, we had our friends Tyson, Missy and […]


For the past 14 months, I’ve noticed a change. It’s not a pleasant change. It’s not even a change that I ever wanted for myself. I didn’t want to talk nor write a blog post about it. The thing is..this is a real issue. In the past 14 months, I have gained weight….steadily. It’s not […]