I never thought of myself as an athlete. I’m the kind of person that was always picked last when playing sports. I was the overweight one that no one really wanted on their team. Sports wasn’t really my thing. When I started running, I still didn’t call myself an athlete. I was just running to […]

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Last weekend, Angela and I ventured up to Dallas for the Rock and Roll Dallas 5K and Half Marathon. I was excited because I really like the race as well as I got a chance to hang out with friends. We arrived Friday night and really didn’t do much. Saturday morning, we participated in the […]


We’re back from our time in Baton Rouge. I have to say that this year was hands down my favorite visit to Baton Rouge yet. Usually, I get sick during the weekend but luckily I held that at bay for the first time in three years. This time, we had our friends Tyson, Missy and […]


This weekend was, in my opinion, one of the best weekends that I’ve had in awhile. I started Saturday off with a 5K run through the local hike and bike trail. I originally was going to run in our neighborhood but I felt like I needed a change of scenery. I ran the 5K in […]


This weekend, we went to Dallas to run the Rock and Roll Dallas 5K and Half Marathon. I was just going to run so I could fulfill my last BEEF race for Team Texas BEEF and just to have a fun weekend with friends. The 5K was fun. We ran the 5K through the parking […]


On Friday, Angela and I ran the Sabine Causeway Bridge 5K race. The Sabine Causeway is a bridge that runs from Texas to Louisiana. The race itself is a looped course. You start in Texas, run up the bridge and back down to get to Louisiana. Once in Louisiana, you turn around and run back […]


Hey guys, it’s been awhile. It’s not you though, it’s me. Things have happened since my last post. Major things. So let’s start at the beginning. On the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 17-20), Angela and I made our way to Baton Rouge to participate in the Louisiana Half and Full Marathon. […]