How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

April 18, 2017

Can you eat healthy without breaking your bank account? Of course you can. How can you eat healthy? That’s going to take a little work but I know you can do. Saving money while eating healthy comes down to your choices. With grocery stores, you have an unlimited amount of those. So, what are the […]

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Begin Again: Not What I Expected

April 17, 2017

April 6, 2017 – April 12, 2017 Oh man! This week was great and then not so great. I’ll explain. Thursday was start of a new week for me. I went into the week setting up a goal that would have me losing 7 pounds by the end of April. I was aiming to lose […]

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Enjoy Your Easter Holiday

April 16, 2017

Today is Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to you and your family. It’s a holiday to get together with friends and family to celebrate a religious cornerstone. I want to tell you to do one thing today: Enjoy your holiday. You are on a weight loss journey. It is just that: a journey. You have to […]

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The Absolute First Day That I Used A Food Diary

April 15, 2017

I was recently talking to a coworker about nutrition when I thought about this story that I’ve never shared. It’s a story about using a food diary for first time. The day before I started losing weight in 2011, I decided to use the Lose It app. I had actually downloaded the app a month […]

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Five Things Friday #4

April 14, 2017

Welcome to Friday friends! I haven’t written a Five Things Friday post in awhile so I figured why not start it back up again. This week has moved by really fast. I’m looking forward to spending our first Easter with Baby G. Maybe even catching up on a little sleep. For now, I want to […]

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There Is No Perfect Weight Loss Formula

April 13, 2017

A couple of days ago, I came across an article and the headline was to the extent of “Eat These Foods For Breakfast For The Perfect Weight Formula”. What? I don’t want to give the exact headline because the article was upsetting to me. I’m not sure why there are so many articles that give […]

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Ready To Cook With Passion Again

April 12, 2017

When I started writing the blog, I had a huge passion for food. I read so many different cookbooks. I would watch hours of food television. Visiting new restaurants were a big deal for my weekends. I was high on the cooking vibe. I couldn’t get enough of the world of food and cooking. Then, […]

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Begin Again: Stress Will Happen Sometimes

April 11, 2017

Thursday March 30, 2017 – Wednesday April 5, 2017 I will admit that this week started off stressful. Without getting into specifics, it was a problem outside of the home. I was beyond stressed and I was really upset. I almost didn’t go to the gym because I just wanted to go home and spend […]

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A Letter To A 492 Pound Me

April 10, 2017

Dear Willie, You don’t know me but you will. I’m your future self. I’m writing to you from the year 2017. On January 6, 2011, you’re going to start an amazing weight loss journey. You’re going to wake up that day and tackle your goal of finally losing the excess weight that is holding you […]

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4 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

April 9, 2017

Meal Prep It’s the one term in the weight loss dictionary that confuses the most people. What is meal prep exactly? How do you go about doing it? Is it hard? These are the questions that you have that never get answered. Let me answer one of them for you today: Why you should meal […]

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