Today’s video is a short update on my weight loss progress in my first week. I share what I’ve been doing on my journey to lose weight.


Happy Birthday Emmy

by Willie on December 10, 2015

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In today’s video, we take a trip up to Austin to celebrate our goddaughter’s fifth birthday. Her party was held at Pump It Up and she had a blast! I was happy to have gotten a little footage of the event. Enjoy and Happy Birthday to our goddaughter, Emmy!


Today’s video is an update on weight loss, fitness and just creating videos. I talk about my current state, in regards to my weight and fitness. I also discuss the directions that I will be going in to reach my goals in the future. I also ask that you join me in this journey as […]


Last week, the December 2015 issue of Runner’s World was released. In the issue, there was a one page article about myself and Angela’s weight loss story. In today’s video, we talk about our thoughts on the Runner’s World article. If you want to know more about why and how the Runner’s World article came […]


Angela and I are in the December 2015 issue of Runner’s World Magazine! In September, we found out that we would have a story in a future issue of the magazine. It was something that I was excited about. I was more excited for the opportunity for Angela. One of her dreams was to be […]


GTS Halloween Run 2015

by Willie on October 30, 2015

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Last weekend, I participated in Golden Triangle Strutters Halloween Run event. The Golden Triangle Strutters are a local running group that I run with located in Beaumont, TX. Every year, GTS puts on a run and a costume contest for Halloween. The video below is a presentation of this year’s Halloween Run. Enjoy the GTS […]


Be Who You Are

by Willie on October 12, 2015

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Today’s video theme is to be who you are. A favorite YouTuber of mine is frustrated on what to do with her channel. I have been a fan of her and her channel for quite sometime. She was one of the reasons that I started my channel. I wanted to share some of my thoughts […]


The question for today’s video is Why Wait? Just Start! I see a lot of people waiting (myself included) on that perfect time to start something. It could be a weight loss journey, a new goal, or even just taking a leap of faith. We all wait for that “perfect” moment to dive into something. […]


On Labor Day, I whipped out the camera to capture a little video of what I had planned for the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to do for the day and I’m still getting used to talking to the camera. I shot video anyway of random things that I did or even saw on […]


After a long discussion with Angela over the holiday weekend, I’ve realized that the blog in its’ current state is starting to suffer. I’ll post frequently one week and infrequently the next week. This erratic schedule is mostly coming from my lack of skills as a writer. The posts that you’ve seen on the blog […]