It’s been awhile since I’ve put up a recipe in the blog, hasn’t it? This weekend, I was perusing Snapchat. *Shameless plug* (Yep, I’m on Snapchat. Follow me: Fueledxrunning) *Shameless plug end* As I was saying, I was on Snapchat and one of my snap friends made a garlic lime chicken off the top of […]


This week, I made Dal for lunch. Well, my own version of it. I’m sure this isn’t necessarily traditional Dal but I’m sure it’s close to what it should be. I love Indian food but I wanted to make something at home to enjoy. This was what I came out of that session in the […]

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This weekend was pretty uneventful. Angela and I didn’t have much going on so we just kind of spent time in the house. She spent time cleaning up the kitchen and organizing a few rooms. I did some work on the lawn. I did do a little cooking this weekend. So, I wanted to share […]


Recipe: Turkey Chili

by Willie on November 19, 2014

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It’s “cold” in Southeast Texas. I use cold in quotation marks because the people in the northern regions of the U.S. are probably laughing at everyone in the South. In our defense, we’re not used to the cold weather. It’s either brutally hot or mildly hot. Never the polar opposite. Since Mother Nature decided to […]


Recipe: Juicy Turkey Burgers

by Willie on November 17, 2014

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Burgers are usually the go to staple in our house. If you need to make a meal that can be used as just a burger or as a topping on your salad, burgers are the way to go. The problem with burgers that are made with ground turkey are that they tend to be dry. […]

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Shepard’s Pie is a dish that Angela has made before. The dish consists of various vegetables that are sauteed with meat, traditionally lamb, and is thicken with a sort of gravy. It is then placed in a baking dish evenly and mashed white potatoes are spread over the top of the mixture. In the past, […]


When Angela came back from Fitbloggin in June, she started raving about these almonds that she brought back from the conference. These nuts were supposed to last for awhile because she had huge bag of them. Now, I only said “had” because one day, one of our dogs ate the whole bag of them. She […]


Solo Sunday Meal Prep

by Willie on August 21, 2014

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Typically on Sundays, Angela and I prep our meals for the week. She usually does the lunches while I prep the dinners for the week. This past weekend, Angela was in Denver, CO running not one but two races so I had to take over Angela’s role for Sunday meal prep. I went to the […]


Last week, I completed my sixth week of America’s Test Kitchen’s Online Cooking School. I’ve noticed that my cooking has definitely improved by leaps and bounds. Angela has approved of several meals that I have made since starting this cooking school again. So, with week six, I’ve gone to the course essentially called, “How To […]

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We all love pizza right? It’s good stuff. The cheese, the toppings, the warm bread. But, we’re all trying to watch our waistlines and our wallets. So, we don’t want to just order a pizza from those national chains. We want to make our own. Angela and I love pizza. Fridays have been deemed pizza […]

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