The Truth About Weight Loss Scams

by Willie on July 21, 2017

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There’s been something on my mind a lot lately and I finally feel like I should share my opinion on it.

I personally am overwhelmed with the amount of selling that I’ve seen on social media. In particular, I’m talking about Instagram and Facebook because that’s where I reside the most.

weight loss scams

So many of you are trying your hardest to lose weight that you are being sold BS. From special wraps to shakes to miracle pills, it’s so frustrating to see so many people get conned out of their hard earned money.

Let’s be 100% real here: those products won’t help you. Not in the slightest.

There is no special anything that will help you lose weight. It comes down to eating less than your body would burn. Being active daily. And just working your butt off. That’s the only way I’ve seen to actually lose weight.

I’m just so annoyed by people pushing products that they don’t even use or even believe in.

Case in point: Someone recently pushed a shake type diet on me saying that I could lose 20 lbs in a month.


First off, I don’t need a shake to lose weight. I can eat real food. Secondly, this person admitted to me they had never used the product. They were only selling it to make extra income.


How are you going to push a product on me and you don’t even use it. How can you say I will lose 20 lbs if you don’t even use it yourself?

The internet has unfortunately become a selling tool for the desperate. Pushing miracles to people who are willing to pay money for a quick fix.

Sorry to inform you that there is no quick fixes. None.

Unfortunately, weight loss is a grind every single day. It’s working on your diet and exercise 365 days a year. It’s hard work!

Don’t be fooled by untrustworthy sellers. There are not trying to help you. They only want to take your money and deliver claims that aren’t true.

If weight loss came down to a simple pill we all could take then no one would be overweight or even obese. We’d all look exactly the same. But we don’t.

Do me a favor and save your money.

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