Why Am I Hungry: 5 Tips To Stay Satisfied While Losing Weight

by Willie on July 10, 2017

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Losing weight is already a difficult journey. You spend so much time working out and eating the right foods for your weight loss goals. Then you start to feel hungry. Even though you just ate an hour ago.

Losing weight
Have you ever felt this way?

I have. Especially when I was completely new to how weight loss works.

I’ve learned how to not be hungry while trying to lose weight. And honestly, you shouldn’t be hungry. I hope these tips will help you fight hungry and lose weight once and for all.

Drink More Water

This is my #1 tip only because most of you don’t drink enough water. Most people drink half of not a 1/4 of the amount of water that they should drink.

Aim for 64 ounces (half gallon) but optimal water is around one gallon. Most hunger cues are really a need for more water.

So drink up!

Are You Eating Enough?

If you’re not counting calories then you really should. It truly is the best way to gauge how much food you’re eating.

Most of us are in one of two camps: we overeat or we eat too little.

Track calories and make sure you’re eating enough with each meal. If not, make an adjustment. You should never feel hungry even after eating a meal.

Eat More Protein

Speaking of eating, are you enough protein at every meal. Most of your meals are probably laden with carbs. Carbs won’t satisfy you as much as protein will.

What is enough protein?

Aim for 25-30 grams of protein a meal (or 4-6 ounces). Protein will keep you full longer and you’ll be less likely to be hungry between meals.

Are You Working Out Too Much?

If you’re hungry, then you may be working out more than you’re taking in. Sometimes you are hungry because you need more food to compensate for all the extra calories you’re burning.

This isn’t always the case but sometimes it is. Eat an extra 200-300 calories of food after your workouts to keep from overdoing your training.

Eat More Fat

Yep, I said it. Eat more fat. Fat has such a bad rap. Fat will keep you full longer between meals. With the combination of fat and protein, you can go longer without eating.

You don’t have to have much fat since it’s more caloric than carbs and protein. A little fat will go a long way. My favorite form of fat is half of an avocado with my eggs in the morning.

You should never feel hungry while on a weight loss journey. Try these five tips out and you shouldn’t feel hungry again.

When do you usually feel hungry during the day?

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