Too Much Of Anything Can Be A Bad Thing

by Willie on June 29, 2017

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It was a Sunday morning. Angela, Baby G and I went to the grocery store as we usually do. We picked up our normal grocery haul for the week and headed to the nearest checkout line.

Too Much Of Anything Can Be A Bad Thing
I unloaded our groceries onto the conveyor belt and waited for the cashier to scan them.

And then something strange happened. A very strange encounter started.

As I waited, the person behind me, a nice older woman, started up a conversation about the energy drink that I had in my haul.

“You know those are bad for you,” the woman said as she pointed to my energy drink.

“Well, I usually have these on occasion,” I replied. “Today, I just need a little caffeine.”

“I had a friend who was hospitalized because he drank a lot of energy drinks and smoked synthetic marijuana, she said.

I was speechless at what this woman just said to me. It was an odd answer that I never expected to even be mentioned. I’m not a confrontational guy nor do I partake in drugs. I let people speak their minds without judgement.

I don’t know this woman but I let her continue her conversation. I was kind of intrigued on what she would say next.

It gets more interesting as she proceeds to pull out a pack of cigarettes.

“I can’t really talk about those energy drinks being bad for you since I smoke,” she continued.

I just nodded my head and went on to talk with the cashier as she scanned my grocery haul. I was a little weirded out about what other life lessons this woman might give me.

I share this story to give just one bit of advice: too much of anything can be a bad thing.

I gained weight because honestly I enjoy food. I have super wired friends that are coffee enthusiasts and that’s what they drink all day.

For someone to tell you that anything is bad for you is only an opinion unless they can back up that claim with hard evidence.

Otherwise, I take the advice lightly.

Are energy drinks bad for you in moderation?

I have no clue. I haven’t seen any research that says so. Even so, I drink them sporadically. If I drank 5 a day then there is cause for the alarm.

I think anything in moderation is ok unless you are one of those rare people that can’t have things in moderation. Then maybe you should just cut certain things out completely.

I appreciate the nice woman and her concern for my health. But ma’am, I assure you, I’m ok. I have things in small doses. Until there’s 100% proof that something is bad for me, then I will make the necessary changes.

Thank you for your concern. It goes unnoticed.

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