Why Having A “Cheat Meal” Is Important

by Willie on May 10, 2017

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Over the past few days, I’ve seen a lot of disgust for the “cheat meal.”

People are saying that you shouldn’t have them. They say you should just eat to live.

I totally get it.

cheat meal

Here is my interpretation of a “cheat meal”.

I eat completely strict everyday of the week. I’m very rigid in having a plan for every meal. I do the same for my cheat meal.

Everything I eat is based on calories.

I think of my cheat meal as something outside of the normal eating plan. It’s not a spread of food on my table. It’s something a little more higher calorie than I would eat on a normal day. It’s food that I’ve been craving but I don’t go overboard with it.

But I adjust for it. Here’s how:

The day that I am having my cheat meal, I will usually fast for 12-14 hours before my first meal of that day. First, because I can go a long time without eating. Second, because I’m playing a numbers game with my calories.

I’m essentially eliminating a meal and having smaller meals leading up to a cheat meal. I find that this works for me the best.

Now, I don’t go overly crazy with the cheat meal. I stay within or just over my calorie budget for the day for the overall meals that day. There’s no sense in blowing your calorie budget because you can.

The only time that I don’t count calories for one meal is on holidays. I just try to have portion control.

I think one cheat meal a week is important. We all have cravings for certain things so you can make it fit into that one meal.

You don’t have to be super rigid for the rest of your life. You can be flexible. I just dedicate one meal a week to having something off plan. But I still have a plan to make it fit my goals.

What are your thoughts on having a cheat meal once a week?

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