Turn Leftovers Into Do-Overs

by Willie on April 20, 2017

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Leftovers have a bad reputation.


You know you should eat them. You don’t want to be wasteful. No one wants to eat the same boring thing over the course of week. How do you make your leftovers something to be desired?

You make them into something completely different.

I’m a fan of leftovers. I get excited for them. I’m a creature of habit but I don’t let a little change stop me. Eating the same thing all week doesn’t bother me. Unfortunately, I’m a part of the minority.

You want to learn to like leftovers? Good.

You just need to find ways to turn one leftover meal into something completely different. Use what you have on hand and be amazed at what you can create.

When I prepare meals every week, I separate each component of a meal to a protein, a carb and vegetables. This make it easy to make different meals during the week. You can still do this method with a prepared dish but it makes it less of a food laboratory experiment.


Chicken or any source of protein is a great centerpiece for recreating any dish. I tend to make Asian or Mexican food on a regular basis. So we’ll stick with the Mexican cuisine. Recently, I made tacos with ground turkey. With the ground turkey Mexican mix made separately, I made tacos one night. I created a burrito the next night. Then, a taco salad the night after that. Variations are the key to not getting bored.


You probably have plenty of rice that is going to waste in your refrigerator from that previous meal. So, what can you do with it? Are you craving Asian food? You can make a chicken fried rice (especially if you have leftover chicken).  A stir fry is always my go to meal. Rice can also be used to make a nice dish like red beans and rice (if you have beans on hand). It really depends on what you have on hand.


Vegetables along with rice are usually the two things that get thrown away the most. Vegetables are so easy to reuse that it seems crazy that they go to waste. You’ve got some leftovers then you should definitely make a soup.

Seems simple, right?

Everyone likes soup and it’s so easy to make. Casserole dishes can use vegetables up quickly. How about a veggie lasagna? No noodles needed if you have some zucchini on hand. Pot pie are also a great way to use those extra vegetables.

Just set the oven, pop that dish in, and it’s ready in no time.

Reusing leftovers isn’t that difficult. It actually can be fun to see what you can recreate out of what you already have.

You can do this with one prepared dish, like a casserole, but it takes a little more creativity to turn that into something worth eating. Try it. Get creative in your kitchen and see what comes of it.

Do you like leftovers?

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