Taking A Year Off From Running (Sort Of)

by Willie on April 2, 2017

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You may have noticed that the “running” part of Fueled By Running has been absent.

When 2017 began, I told myself that my main focus was going to be on weight loss. I let myself go over the course of a couple years and I wanted to get myself back to my prime shape.

To do that, I had to focus less on running and more on just getting my weight down. Don’t get me wrong, I really like running but it’s uncomfortable when you run with extra weight. Your legs just don’t function to a higher level as they once did. It’s hard and it gets to you mentally.


I decided to take a year off from running in 2017. Well, not quite completely. I’m not running any half marathon or higher this year. I had a string of bad runs and I need to give my mind and body a break. That’s the big reason why I’m taking the year off.

The second reason is that I’m a tight ball of muscles. I have some mobility issues that need sorting out. I don’t move as efficiently as I did before. I’m sure that didn’t help my runs either.

What will I run?

The preferred distance of choice has been around a 5K. I can handle it and it’s a good training distance for exercise.

Will I ever go back to running longer distances?

I’m sure I will. My main focus is to drop weight. It will make running easier and more enjoyable.

For now, I actually miss it. Especially more since Angela is getting back to it. But I know my body. I know have a few things to work on before running becomes comfortable again.

Until then, I’ll keep cheering runners on from the sidelines.

Are you a runner? When is your next big race?

  • Maryfran Clingan

    What a good post. So many people do not listen to their bodies and end up hurting themselves more. This is a journey to health and sometimes that means stepping back!!

    • Thank you Maryfran! You definitely have to listen to your body. It’s about being smart. Thanks again for reading!

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