Ready To Cook With Passion Again

by Willie on April 12, 2017

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When I started writing the blog, I had a huge passion for food. I read so many different cookbooks. I would watch hours of food television. Visiting new restaurants were a big deal for my weekends. I was high on the cooking vibe. I couldn’t get enough of the world of food and cooking.


Then, everything just stopped. Completely.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened but I just wasn’t interested in cooking anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love food. I really love food. I just stopped doing it.

Angela reminded me that I used to love cooking. Of course, I got a little defensive and said that I still cook on the weekends. By that, I meant that I meal prepped the dinner for the week.

Honestly, that’s like self driving cooking. It’s on automatic. I kind of just go through the motions only because I prepare the same 5 meals.

I think I’m ready to start cooking again.

I’m not talking about just going through the motions with cooking. No, I’m talking about real cooking exploration. I used to be fascinated by which spices and herbs went together. I loved to make something out of nothing.

Overall, I was just passionate about making a good meal.

I’m going to put some focus on creating food as a hobby just like I did before. I spent a lot of time with baking but I can’t do a lot of that at the moment. I’m watching my waistline.

Remember, I’m still working on losing weight.

I’m going to focus on making good meals. After Angela said that I used to cook, it made me think about our daughter. I was never taught how to cook. I don’t think I was ever interested in it.

It’s something that I want to explore with her. I know most people don’t care to cook. They think it’s time consuming.

I think food is one of the things that brings people together.

For me, cooking was a stress reliever. That’s something everyone needs from day to day.

But it’s something I want to learn and then teach her. Something to bond over.

I’m slowly getting back into this cooking hobby. I feel creative when I can make something that someone will enjoy.

What’s something that you enjoy doing?

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