Why I Post My Weight Loss Journey Updates On Social Media

by Willie on April 29, 2017

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You’ve probably noticed that I post a lot of updates on social media. Some of them are about my current weight loss journey. Others are motivational.


Why do I post this?

I think that being open and honest is the best way to succeed at weight loss. If you keep your progress to yourself then you’re more likely to let things slide. Just because no one knows what you’re working on.

I’ve found, in my opinion, if I post updates about my weight loss, it keeps me accountable. I also have found that when I post, my updates may help someone else decide to start their weight loss journey or even help them through their problems.

Could I go without posting on social media?

I’m sure I could but I think you need someone to push you a lot. Especially if you go off plan.

If I constantly wrote that I ate something bad without having positive results on the scale then I’m sure I would get a stern talking to by friends that see my posts often.

I know there are ways that people can be selective about what they post on social media. Only posting certain things then not having results will not help you at all.

In weight loss, I really do think you need accountability. Physically and Mentally. You need a physical friend to push you to get your goals done. You may also need some internet friends to light a fire and get you working.

Posting on social media isn’t a must. It’s a stake in this weight loss journey game for me. It’s a tool that I use to reach my goals. I’m being honest and truthful with everything I post.

Would you post your weight loss journey on social media?

Announce your intentions to the world and see what you get back from it.

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