How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

by Willie on April 18, 2017

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Can you eat healthy without breaking your bank account? Of course you can. How can you eat healthy? That’s going to take a little work but I know you can do.

Healthy On A Budget

Saving money while eating healthy comes down to your choices. With grocery stores, you have an unlimited amount of those. So, what are the best ways to save money and still eat healthy?

Buy frozen fruit and vegetables:

Buying frozen really is one of the best ways to save money. Just think about it. Certain fruits and vegetables are out of season or just plain expensive. Why not save money by buying frozen? This also saves you time as well. Frozen items are usually pre-cut so you save time from having to cut and chop. Headaches eliminated.

Prep Your Own Meals:

You always save more money when you cook at home. Meals at restaurants are usually $10 or more per person. Prepping your own meals is a fraction of that cost. Does it take a lot of time to meal prep? Absolutely not! Take one day out of your week. Dedicate that time to cooking and putting meals in individual portioned containers. Pull out the food at meal time and serve. It saves you so much time and a lot of money during the course of the week.

Create A Food Buddy System:

Find a friend who can split the cost of certain foods. Here’s an example. No one needs multiple stalks of celery. You’ll probably end up throwing it away by the end of the week. Especially if you buy it in bulk. Go half with someone to share the wealth. They can do the same for you with another item that you may need. It will keep wastes down and also save you money in the long run.

Get A Customer Card:

Store loyalty cards are your main source of money saving power. Most stores have digital coupons that can be added directly to your card. These cards usually have bigger discounts if you use the store’s brand name products as well. Check the store that you frequent and make sure they have a loyalty card.

Eating healthy on a budget is completely possible. It just takes a little effort. Whether you buy frozen, meal prep, go half with a buddy or using a store loyalty card, any option will save you money. Use the option that works best for you.

How do you eat healthy on a budget?

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