Begin Again: Stress Will Happen Sometimes

by Willie on April 11, 2017

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Thursday March 30, 2017 – Wednesday April 5, 2017


I will admit that this week started off stressful. Without getting into specifics, it was a problem outside of the home.

I was beyond stressed and I was really upset. I almost didn’t go to the gym because I just wanted to go home and spend time with Angela and Baby G.

I decided to go to the gym anyway. Maybe get some stress relief and it worked.

Stress will happen sometimes but you can’t let it affect the overall plan of weight loss.

More on how this day affected my weigh in later.

This week, as a whole, wasn’t that bad overall. My food was on point about 90% of the time. I’m sure that I ate some exercise calories this week but I don’t think it affected me much. My water intake is also been fairly low this week. I’ll go hours without drinking water. That’s something that I will be working on for the next week.

Since I’ve started this weight loss journey, I allow myself one “cheat” meal.

The meal is usually a little higher calorie and I don’t count it in MyFitnessPal. I usually have it on Saturday.

I don’t go overboard but I also don’t restrict myself heavily. This week, we had Fadi’s again. I didn’t take a picture so this old one will have to suffice:


I tend to get the same thing every time: spicy hummus, tabbouleh, and some gyro meat. (no potatoes were eaten) I think I had a couple of pieces of pita bread as well.

Exercise was really good. I took an extra rest day this week because I was feeling tired. (You’ve got to help your body recover) I changed a few exercises in my strength plan and I was sore on most days.

This exercise, in particular, is a hell of a combo:

I’ve also been learning a lot from people this week. I decided to start blogging everyday in April. It’s gotten me to talk to more people about their weight loss issues as well as my own previous failures.

I’ve been having fun challenging myself physically and mentally this week. I’ve been really working on a sense of self discovery with words.

I’m enjoying challenging myself with the blog. I was always unsure of what to write about. This 30 days of blogging is really pushing me past my comfort zone. I hope it helps one of you to reach your goals as well.

Last thing, I weighed in on Wednesday. I was sure that I was going to have gained weight this week. From Sunday to the morning of weigh in day, I felt heavier. I’m not sure if it was from something I ate on Sunday, but I didn’t feel lighter.

My clothiers felt tighter. Maybe it was in my mind.


I stepped on the scale and lost 1.6 lbs.

I was incredibly happy with a loss. That’s a 23.2 lb loss of weight since January 16, 2017.

I’m very happy with the progress I’ve made so far. I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me but I’m enjoying the process of being me again.

What victories are you having with your weight loss?

  • Maryfran Clingan

    Congrats on the loss!!!

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