4 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

by Willie on April 9, 2017

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Meal Prep

meal prep

It’s the one term in the weight loss dictionary that confuses the most people. What is meal prep exactly? How do you go about doing it? Is it hard?

These are the questions that you have that never get answered. Let me answer one of them for you today: Why you should meal prep?

1) Saves time:

You live a busy life but you want to be healthy: There are only 24 hours in a day and you don’t want to spend all of your time worrying about what you should eat every night. Let me suggest that you meal prep once a week.

Meal prep really saves you time. A lot of it. I usually pick one day a week to prep the majority of foods that I will eat every week. My meal prep day is Sunday. That’s when I have the most time to prepare and when we usually visit the grocery store.

My wife and I previously meal prepped lunch and dinner. We now just meal prep dinners. (I’ll explain why in a second.)

I cook some sort of protein or even a full dish. I also cook some sort of carb to go with the meal. I use cooking methods where foods can be put in the oven to set it and forget it for an hour. It gives me time to do other things while I’m waiting.

I’m saving time already.

Your food doesn’t have to be chef approved. It just needs to be something that you will enjoy eating. I can eat the same variety of food for a whole week. You may not be able to. I would suggest making something basic and then turning it into a different dish every night.

I usually cook frozen vegetables as I eat the meal. Pre-cooked vegetables are always mush after you reheat them. That’s just my personal opinion. They also save time. 3-4 minutes and you’re ready to eat.

2) Saves money:

Let’s be honest. You know that eating at home saves you a ton of money. A regular meal at a restaurant will cost you alone 10 dollars or more. Why not save that money and it at home?

If you’re on a budget, you can save significantly more money by buying food items in bulk then freeze them for later use.

No one wants to blow their whole paycheck on food. So, why not save some money and still eat healthily?

3) Helps With Portion Control:

I always portion out my food. A food scale will be your new best friend.

I have several containers of food portioned out to the ounce. It keeps me from having to grab fast food for lunch or dinner. It’s all ready to go at a moment’s notice.

I portion out the protein and carbs. I will cook the vegetables right before I eat just so they are fresh. I usually go with frozen to save time and headaches.

As I said earlier, we don’t meal prep lunches. We usually eat some kind of frozen meal like a Lean Cuisine. Sometimes, that meal isn’t enough so I will portion out chicken breast to have alongside the meal. It keeps me on track.

Dinners are usually made in bulk supply. Everything is in a container and I will portion it out on my plate that sits on top of a food scale.

I like this option because sometimes you just want to eat on a plate and not in a pre-portioned container.

4) Makes you less wasteful:

We can all agree that we rather not waste money or even food. Meal prepping will make you more prone not to waste your food.

You took the time and money to prepare it. Why would you waste precious resources?

This will also keep you from deviating from your healthy lifestyle. If you know a meal is in your fridge, you’ll eat it.

Meal prep is a necessity. It saves you time, money, and keeps you on track. If your goals are important to you then meal prep should be in your routine as well.

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