Have A Goal To Work Towards

by Willie on February 20, 2017

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Back in 2011, I had a goal to work towards. On January 6, 2011, I woke up and told Angela that I wanted to lose weight. I told her that I would track my food. I would go to the gym 5-6 times a week.

That was it. That was my whole plan. I didn’t have to think about it. There was no planning or strategizing. I just went for it.

Fast forward to today. I have to pick apart every plan for everything I do. It has to be perfect. Even these blog posts have to be perfect before you even read them.

Analysis Paralysis.

It’s a disease that has corrupted my system.

To disrupt the paralysis of over thinking about everything, I’ve decided to get back to running and even trying something different.


In March 2017, I’ll be running the Gusher 5K and the Rock & Roll Dallas 5K. I know, it’s a 5K. Not a big deal. It kind of is for me.

The last two marathons that I’ve done, Little Rock and Chicago, completely broke my love of running. Not being able to compete at a somewhat average level really got my spirits down. It makes sense to start smaller.

I’ll be doing the 5K and Angela plans to do it as well as her comeback towards running marathons again.

What else am I doing?

I’m also doing the Roughneck Strength & Fitness competition.

It debuted at last year’s Gusher Marathon but I wasn’t able to do it. I know this year is my year to do it. I even asked a friend and he said I should. He enjoyed doing the Iron Games which was a similar event done by the same organization.

So I’m going to do it. It gives me something to work towards.

With all this being said, I think it’s important to have something to work towards. For the past couple years, I didn’t really have anything to work for.

You have to have a North Star that will point you in some direction or you start to become lost. It happened to me and it can happen to you too.

Whatever your resolutions are for the year, pick something that will make you commit to doing that big resolution on your list.

My number one goal for the year is to lose weight. I don’t have a specific number in mind but I want to feel better physically. So, doing events like the Roughneck and the Gusher will push me to actually train hard. I can’t slack or the results will show in the end.

If you want to achieve your goal, start small. Give yourself something to work for every day, week, month. Check in with yourself every week and see if you’re on track. If so then keep pushing forward. If you’re not, you should reevaluate what you’re doing and get back on track

Only you can do the work, no one can do it for you. Set a goal and work towards it!

What is a goal that you are working on at the moment?

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