Begin Again In 2017

by Willie on January 2, 2017

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Welcome to 2017!

How was your holiday season? I hope you had an incredible time with family and friends. My holiday season ended with the birth of my daughter. Being a dad is such an amazing feeling. I never thought I would feel it. I’m extremely blessed to have her in my life. Mom is recovering extremely well and baby is adjusting to being home.


Now, it’s time to get down to business.

Over the past year, I have definitely put a lot of things on the back burner. My health and well-being being the two activities that get put to the side.

2016 was a good year overall. It started off with a bang with being flown to New York to be on the Today Show. The year ended with a bang as well with the birth of our daughter. The middle was a bit of living day to day. But I can’t complain at all. It’s been a really good year but I lost my way with my goals for the year.

In my meditation practice, the phrase “Begin Again” always comes up. You get lost in a thought. You forget to meditate for a few days. You simply return to your breathing or your practice and begin again.

This phrase “Begin Again” is no different with a weight loss journey. You lost your way. You got derailed for a bit. Return to your journey and get back on track.


I have to admit that I was on the pregnancy diet. I didn’t care about what I put in my mouth. It just seemed like the easier option at the time. That resulted in my weight gain for the majority of 2016. That was a bad idea in hindsight.

In 2017, I’m changing all that. I’m making a commitment to get not only my health back on track but other parts of my life as well. (More on that later)

My health is important and without it I can’t do things that I want to do for my family. So, I have to make health my #1 priority. As long as I put in the effort and work to be better than yesterday, that’s all that matters. If I lose my way, all I have to remember is to Begin Again.

What goals are you working towards in 2017?

What is the one goal that you want to make a priority in 2017?

  • Emily Moss Whitehead

    Everyday is a new beginning. Congrats on the new baby and on begingin again!

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