3 Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Life

by Willie on June 15, 2016

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I’m horrible with keeping habits. I can truly admit that. I start a new habit and then I will stop practicing that habit a week later.

It’s a horrible flaw that I have.

A few weeks ago, I started making an effort to really track my habits. I wanted to keep a record of the good habits that I wanted to stick and get rid of some of those bad habits.


I downloaded an app called Habit List. It’s not the first habit tracking app I’ve downloaded but it’s one of the simpler ones.

Photographer Chase Jarvis has a list of 10 habits that he does everyday. He says if he does those 10 habits everyday then life is going well for him. A lot of those habits were already being done by me. There were three in particular that I found interesting. So, I added them into my daily routines.

I will be honest. I don’t always complete these habit everyday. I feel if I can get them done at least 5 days a week then I’m doing incredibly well.

So, what are the 3 daily habits that will improve your life?

You have to do something fun for yourself every day.

Life doesn’t have to so serious all the time. It really doesn’t. Have fun. You only get one life. Live it.

When we were children we played. We had fun. As adults, responsibilities have to be done. It’s called “adulting”. That doesn’t mean that we can’t make time to do something fun for ourselves. You would burn yourself out without a little fun.

Photographer Chase Jarvis makes a point to make something or play everyday. He takes a picture, draws or does anything creatively everyday. If he doesn’t want to create something he plays. I can assume this would be something like playing a board game, a video game or basketball.

I started taking a picture everyday and posting it on Instagram. Something to just be creative or to let my mind wonder. Because you need a creative release.

Something so small can be a huge outlet.

Meditation quiets the “busy” mind.

If you’re like me, your mind probably goes 100 miles per hour with no sign of stopping. Even when you lie down to sleep.

We’re connected to SO MUCH information that it can be hazardous at times. I feel overwhelmed so I started looking for a way to quiet my mind. Just for my own sanity.

I tried writing in journals but it just doesn’t work for me. Journals are nice to collect but the habit never maintained.

Recently, I tried meditation.

Before you sigh and roll your eyes at that statement, hear me out.

I’ve been interested in meditation but never could find the right avenue to learn it. As I said, there’s an information overload and I couldn’t find a clear answer on how to do meditation.

Most people think that meditation is mantras and that it’s new aged. It’s really very simplistic.

It’s all about controlling your breath.


I’ve been using the 10% Happier app. My friend, Maggie, recommended the 10% Happier podcast to me and then shortly after I discovered the app.

I’ll go into a bigger overview of the app in the future but it’s really been helpful in quieting my mind. I’ve slept significantly better since starting it. Give it a shot.

Visualize what you want and be grateful

Visualization and gratitude are two things that I try to do more often. It’s not something that I do everyday but I should.

I’m horrible at goals, organization, and just planning in general.

So, I started visualizing what I want to see in the future. My future is still a bit hazy but there are things that I want to happen with my relationships, career, emotions and spirituality.

For so long, I was just cruising through life. I’m sure you might be as well.

Take a few minutes out of your day and just imagine what you want your life to look like in the future.

Most people don’t think about it. I didn’t. Now, I do.

Author Michael Hyatt uses the word “drifting” to describe life without purpose.

Gratitude is another process I’ve started recently. Most people seem ungrateful for everything in their lives. Why not express gratitude for the things and opportunities that you’ve been given.

So, those are the 3 new habits that I attempt to do daily. They’re not hard and they really only a take about 30 minutes or so out of my day. I can say that they have really improve my life in just the past month.

What new habits would you like to add to your daily life?

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