The Dallas Adventures

by Willie on March 25, 2016

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Last weekend, Angela and I ventured up to Dallas for the Rock and Roll Dallas 5K and Half Marathon.

I was excited because I really like the race as well as I got a chance to hang out with friends.


We arrived Friday night and really didn’t do much.


Saturday morning, we participated in the 5K. It was a run in mostly a parking lot. I knew this going into it. Unfortunately, the race was cut short. The race was actually 2.85 miles versus 3.1 miles.


C’mon Rock and Roll…get it together!

We met up with our friends Tyson and Missy as well as out goddaughter Emmy. We went to the expo which was pretty lackluster to say the least.


Emmy wanted to take a picture on the “moose”. That’s what she kept calling the longhorn statues.

We ate lunch then they went back to the hotel.


I went to meet up with my friend Chasity and her spouse, Kelly. She lives in Dallas and she’s one of my favorite people on YouTube. Her channel is called Chas Weighs In. I’ve put a few of her videos on the Fueled By Running Facebook page. Watch her “How To Start Your Weight Loss Journey” video below. It’s one of my favorite videos that she has done.

Chas is in the middle of her weight loss journey. She has lost 79 pounds so far. She’s a powerlifter and a yogi. Her channel is all about her life, her weight loss journey and tips that she’s learned along the way.

I was nervous to meet her. I’ve watched her YouTube videos for awhile so it felt like I already knew her as well as Kelly.

It was incredible to meet the two of them. They were so friendly. Interesting and deep conversations were had and I really enjoyed my time with the two of them. I really feel like this is a great start to a long friendship.

After hanging out with Chas and Kelly, I headed back to the hotel so we could get dinner later.

Sunday was the time for the half marathon. On Saturday morning, I woke up from mild knee pain. I’m not sure it was from the almost 5 hour drive to Dallas or from our hotel bed. My knee was just irritating me.

I didn’t let it bother me on Saturday and just ran my 5K.

On Sunday, I woke up and it was even worse than the day before. I didn’t want to drop from doing the race because I would get 4 medals out of the two events overall.

So, yes, I did it for the bling. I did it because I didn’t want to miss out on doing the race.

First mile out, my knee was ok and I just took it slow.

By mile two, I had to walk.

I walked the rest of the race. The entire race.

I was upset that I couldn’t run.
I was upset that my knee was failing me.

As I walked, I started to think about those that can’t run. I thought about all the people who are walking the entire race with me.

I really started to think about why I was doing the race.

I was doing it because it was something I wanted to do.

Yes, it was unfortunate that I could run but I was still moving forward. As long as I made it to the finish line, that was all that mattered.

I finished in just over 3 and a half hours.


Afterwards, I got my 4 medals. Took a picture with my friend Sarah. Then, went back to the hotel, took a shower, ate lunch and headed home.


It was a really fun weekend overall. The races didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to. That just didn’t matter. I still did it. I had fun and I finished.

Mission accomplished!

What kind of fun adventures are you planning to do this weekend?

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