How We Ate Healthy While Losing 500 Pounds in 2 Years 

by Willie on January 22, 2016

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This post has been a long time in the making. I’ve debated if I should even write it because of the somewhat strange way that we went about losing 500 pounds back in 2012.

UntitledThis weight loss was a part of my story and I feel like it should be told. It may help someone figure out how to achieve weight loss as well. Now, I will say that the method we went with isn’t the most balanced way to lose weight. We’ve since learned a more equalized way to lose weight. We weren’t as educated on nutrition and exercise back then as we are now. Untitled

So, how did we lose 500 pounds in less than 2 years?

We did it with nutrition and exercise!

I know! I know! That’s what everyone says but it’s really true. We really dialed in what we were eating and moved a LOT more.

Let me break it down for you.


We started our weight loss journey on January 6, 2011. We had absolutely no clue on what to do with nutrition.

UntitledWe started using the iPhone app, Lose It, to track our food. We found it easier to use an app that had a database of foods and their calorie content. It made eating a little easier because we could just type in what we were going to eat and how many servings we were going to eat. Untitled

The app told you how many calories you had to eat based on your current height and weight. So, we treated the calorie budget like a daily spending allowance. Once all your calories were gone then you couldn’t eat anything else. This line of thinking made us really think of how to make our calorie budget stretch to get the most food for our calorie buck.

UntitledThese food tracking apps now let you scan barcodes of food which makes it a lot easier than it was in 2011. We ate just about anything when it came to food as long as it fit into our caloric budget and gave us a lot of food. We cut out soda, fried food, candy and most fast food except for places like Subway. We also limited how much sugar we were consuming. Untitled

During the first week of doing this way of eating, I lost 11 pounds. This was a big motivator to keep the momentum going.

People always ask exactly what we ate during the weight loss journey. Here’s the honest truth, we ate just about anything as long as it fit in our calorie budget.

There are no magic foods to eat. Weight loss nutrition is a numbers game. Calories in versus calories out. As long as the calories that you burn are more than what you consume, you will most definitely lose weight.

The exception comes from those who have medical issues that put your hormones and/or your metabolism out of whack. Most doctors will have a few solutions for this.

When it comes to nutrition, you have to get the most for the amount of calories that you have. I did not eat vegetables for the entire two years that I was losing 300 pounds. I’m still surprised that I lost the weight with the absence of vegetable consumption.

That’s the breakdown of what we did for nutrition to lose 500 pounds. In the next post, I’ll break down the exercise routines that we did from my point of view.

What is your biggest roadblock when it comes to weight loss?

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