Weight Loss Reboot Before The New Year

by Willie on December 3, 2015

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Yes, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last video/blog posts. I took the time off during the holidays just to enjoy the holidays. Thanksgiving was fantastic. I spent time with friends and family and ate very well. Maybe a little too well.

My official weight as of Monday November 30, 2015 is…. 303 pounds. This is where I am and this is my starting point!

Now, I’m in business mode. It’s time for a weight loss reboot before the new year begins!

Over the holiday weekend, I really sat down and thought about what my plan of attack is. As I said in my last video, my running has suffered because of my lack of cardio and my previous absence of actually watching what I was eating.



I’ve been tracking all of my food intake for the past month now. It’s Wednesday as I write this post. Today is my day three. Everything has been going extremely well. My food is right on target. I haven’t felt hungry at all. I’ve been drinking up to 96 ounces of water a day. I’m really trying to get a gallon of water a day though. I’ve also started taking a Vitamin B12 supplement in the morning. It’s supposed to help with energy. I think it is working.


As of this past Monday, I sent a fitness plan in motion. This is the plan that I mapped out: (Sorry for the handwriting, it was a frenzy session)


Let me break down my train of thought. I figured that the strength training was limiting me because I was always sore or just plain hurting constantly. So, instead of four days a week of strength training, I narrowed it down to two. I still do these workouts in the morning on Mondays and Wednesdays. Preferable, I do them in the morning because the gym is WAY less busy than in the evening. I know this will work out best for me. I can still get my strength workouts in (which I love) and still feel fresh enough to do my cardio. With cardio, I just WASN’T doing enough of it. So, I’ve increased it a fair amount. On Monday afternoons, Wednesday afternoons, and Saturday mornings, I’ll be doing my runs. I posted a picture on Instagram of my first run. It was slow but everyone has to start from somewhere, right?


The rest of my cardio breaks down to doing Angela’s spin classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I do Group Fight on Tuesday afternoons. Thursday afternoons I do a combination of stair climber and the rower. Friday afternoons and Saturday afternoons, I just walk. Sunday is a day of rest.

For now, I’m going to test this plan out. If I have to increase my rest days to two then I’ll make changes.

I’ll also be adding in some mobility (stretching) work as I sit at home in the evening to watch TV or anything else.

This is the plan so far. I will update frequently on my progress. I’m hoping this will give you guys some ideas if you were looking for a new routine in your journey for either weight loss or maintenance.

What does your current fitness routine consist of? How often do you workout and for how long per session?

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