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by Willie on September 2, 2015

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For the past three months, we’ve been eating a vegetarian diet. The only animal products we eat are eggs and diary. We choose to eat this diet because we wanted to see how we felt. So we did an experiment for the month of June. We switched to the diet. At the end of June, we would reevaluate our thoughts on the diet itself and how we felt. By the end of June, we were fully immersed in the vegetarian way of eating. Instead of switching back in July, we stuck with it.


It wasn’t the hardest way of eating in my opinion. I wasn’t keen on eating a lot of vegetables before the diet. I had a small selection of vegetables that were my go to vegetables. Mostly things like broccoli, spinach, etc. I can honestly say that I have definitely opened up my array of vegetables since starting vegetarianism in June. I’m more open to eating different kinds of vegetables and also different kinds of alternative proteins.


As I said before, we had only planned to eat this way for one month which ultimately spanned into three full months. Then, roadblocks started to happen. We had a limited supply of vegetarian options from the grocery store. Sometimes, the grocery store wouldn’t have any kinds of vegetarian protein sources. To eat this diet, you really need full availability to those sources. Then, there started to be a shortage on eggs. Several times, we had limited supply of eggs. Dining out started to get repetitive because of the limited options. The universe was just not on our side.

Over the weekend, Angela and I had a serious conversations about whether to continue vegetarianism or go back to eating animal proteins. With the options for it slowly diminishing, we chose to go back to eating animal proteins again.

It wasn’t a hard decision but a smart decision. The options in a smaller town were just not there. If we lived in a bigger city then there would be more availability to continue vegetarianism. Race running season is slowly approaching and we decided that to be 100%, we should just switch back to eating meat. Especially since we know how we feel as we eat animal proteins during a race season. It was just the better call.

We both agreed that if a really good vegetarian restaurant comes along in our travels this fall and winter that we would try it. We haven’t completely given up on vegetarianism.  We weren’t eating a lot of meat before and it will probably be the same amount as before.

We had a good vegetarian run. I enjoyed that way of eating. It gave me a chance to cook a different way and also eat in a different way. It was a great vegetarian summer.

Would you try a vegetarian diet for three months? How do you think it will make you feel after you’ve done it for those three months?

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