Fueled X Running: Week In Review

by Willie on July 10, 2014

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I just wanted to give you ladies and gentlemen a little update on what I’ve been up to lately.

Fueled By Running Strength Training:


For the past two weeks, I’ve been working on a strength training regimen. I’ve been making myself go to sleep a little earlier (around 9:30 pm). Then, I’ve been waking up around 4 am to get to the gym somewhere around 4:30 am. It’s been going pretty smoothly. I’m still learning how to do all the exercises. I have an app on my phone that links me straight to a Bodybuilding website that has videos of all the exercises that I’m doing in my plan. It makes it even easier that my friend, Damien, has been at the gym waiting for me to work out. Accountability is a big factor in why I have continued to get up and go to the gym. Without it, I may have just rolled back over and went back to sleep. I’m almost near the completion of week 2 of a six week plan. I definitely notice that I’m getting stronger. With getting stronger, I am still relatively sore in week two. I’m sure the soreness with subside much more as I continue this plan.

Fueled By Documentaries:

This week, I watched a documentary on chef Andy Ricker, the chef of the Thai restaurant Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon. The documentary called, FARANG: The Story of Chef Andy Ricker, chronicles Andy’s career from his childhood to what he is currently doing with his restaurants as of May 2013. The doc itself was very interesting. The guy went to Thailand and fell in love with the culture and the cuisine. He even fluently speaks the language. Andy is defintely a guy that I admire. I got his Pok Pok cookbook earlier this year and though I haven’t made anything out of the book itself. I’m in awe of what he took from Thailand and recreated here in the United States. The documentary runs about an hour and you can watch it in full here or below:

Fueled By Cooking:


I’ve been attending the America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School for almost six weeks now. I’ve been going through the Principles of Good Cooking module that they have in the school. It’s a two part course. I just recently finished Part 1 and I’ve moved on to Part 2. So far, I’ve learned how to sauté, roasting, stewing, braising, pot-roasting, stocks, soups, sauces. This week, I’m on to boiling and simmering. As mundane and easy as boiling and simmering really is, it’s super easy to screw it up in ways of over or under cooking things. With each lesson, I have a “homework” assignment in the form of cooking a dish using the learned method. This week, I cooked Cuban Black Beans and Rice. The dish was excellent. Both Angela and I really enjoyed it. This is the first time that I have ever cooked beans from scratch. Brining beans in a salt water solution was interesting. The instructions said to brine for 8-24 hours. I chose the latter. The flavors in the dish were interesting. Cumin was used in the dish and the kitchen smelled so good when I was cooking the sofrito (green peppers and onions chopped in the food processors and garlic was added during the middle of cooking it.) mixture. The dish was all cooked in my cast iron skillet because it had to be finished off in the oven. The recipe called for a Dutch oven but we don’t own one. A cast iron skillet with aluminum foil covering the top was used instead. Again, the dish turned out SOOO GOOD! It’s definitely a winner in our meal rotation from now on.

So, what have you done this week? What workouts have you done? What have you watched? What have you cooked?

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