Pack Your Knives And Go (Part 1)

by Willie on May 20, 2014

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I want to talk about knives. It’s the most important tool that I use in the kitchen. When I started to learn how to cook last July, knife skills were the first thing I learned how to do. You’re probably saying, “Knife skills? Just cut things like you normally would. You don’t need knife skills.” Here’s the thing: Learning how to use a knife properly is the number one task that everyone should know how to do.

Since I’m nagging you about knives, let’s discuss what knives you need. I’m sure you all have a knife block with an assortment of knives. I do. I have two of them. Here are mine:


You really don’t need all of those knives. You really only need three. Here’s the three that I use to most:


My number one knife is my chef’s knife. It’s the knife on the left in the above picture. I use this knife 90% of the time when I’m in the kitchen. I use it to dice, mince, and chop meats, vegetables, and herbs. The knife I use is 8 inch long. Most chef knives come in 6-10 inches. It’s all about preference. Choosing a knife really depends on how much you want to spend and the feel of the knife in your hand. I bought mine for around $20-$30.

The second knife is a paring knife. I use this knife about 5% of the time. It’s best for peeling and coring stems out of fruits and/or vegetables. I sometimes use it for chopping garlic and other small things. You can use it for just regular chopping as well if you’re afraid to use that huge chef’s knife.

The last knife is a serrated knife. It’s commonly used for a bread knife. The saw like edge of the knife is prefect for cutting through soft materials like bread. I use this knife about 5% of the time as well.

So, those are the three knives that I use the most when I’m cooking. In Part 2 of this blog post, I’ll discuss those dreaded knife skills that I mentioned earlier. I’m not a pro at them but I’m still learning. That’s the point of this blog, right? I’m learning  and I’m sharing my culinary journey with you. I’ll see you right back here on Thursday!

Do you have a knife block? How many knives do you use on a regular basis?

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